Tahlequah Friends of the Library

        May, 2001

Irene Wickham, Editor

Starwatch XXI

Creative Writing Contest

Two hundred and fifty outstanding entries were received for the Starwatch XXI Creative Writing Contest. Congratulation to all of the winners! Thank you to everyone who entered! Without your participation, we could not have had a successful contest.

Thank you to the following nine judges who gave their time and effort to judge the contest: Lorrie Archer, Sarah Brick Archer, Catherine Cresson, Tom Jones, Glennis Parker, Mae Rigsby, Susan Semrow, Don Varner, and Susan Winn. Their expertise was greatly appreciated.

The awards were presented in a ceremony on April 29th. Darleen Bailey Beard inspired the authors of all ages with a exceptional presentation. Beard wrote "The Flimflam Man" which was on the 2000-01 Sequoyah Master Reading List. The Friends of the Library received a grant from the Oklahoma Center for the Book to assist with the costs of this program.

The winners were as follows:


Grades 1 - 3

1st Place:      Willy Righthouse           Home School
2nd Place:     Willy Righthouse           Home School
3rd Place:     Madison Carey             Cherokee Elem.
H.M.:           Laura Fillmore              Greenwood Elm.
H.M.:           Laura Fillmore              Greenwood Elm.

Grades 4 - 6

1st Place:      Emily Chase                Central Elem.
2nd Place:     Angela Eakins             Keys School
3rd Place:     T. J. Rutherford           Keys School
H.M.:           Miranda Hubbert         Fort Gibson Sch.
H.M.:           Emily Chase                Central Elem.

Grades 7 - 9

1st Place:      Krystina Palmer          Keys Jr. High
2nd Place:     Betty Ann Eden          Keys Jr. High
3rd Place:     Krystina Palmer          Keys Jr. High

Grades 10 - 12

1st Place:      Courtney Elizabeth Lewis      Home School
2nd Place:     Jesicah Gilmore                     Tahlequah High
3rd Place:     Marissa Monk                       Tahlequah High
H.M.:           Marissa Monk                       Tahlequah High


1st Place:      Myriam Gilmore           Tahlequah
2nd Place:     Peggy Jo Hall               Tahlequah
3rd Place :     JoKay Dowell             NSU (Cookson)
H.M.:           Jack Reavis                  Tahlequah
H.M.:           Myriam Gilmore           Tahlequah

Programs Sandwiched In

The Programs Sandwiched In series is held on the 2nd Thursday of each month at noon. The public is invited to either bring a sack lunch or buy a light lunch from the Friends for $2.00. The programs for the next few months are:

May 10 -    Gwen Grayson will review "Man-killer:
                   A Chief and Her People" by
                   Mankiller and Michael Wallis

June 14 -    Cleo Stiles Bryan, author of "Seems Like
                   I Done It This-A-Way" will
present "A
                   Slice of Life"

There are no Programs Sandwiched In scheduled for July and August. The Friends will be using this time to plan activities for the next year.

Friends Elect Officers

The Tahlequah Friends of the Library recently elected the officers for the next year. They are:

  President -          Harlene Wills
  1st Vice Pres. -   Donna Jones and
Barbara Brazear  
  2nd Vice Pres. -  Patsy Clifford
  Secretary -         Margot Purdy
  Treasurer -        Ed Wills

Congratulations to these new officers! We know that these dedicated individuals will do a wonderful job. The Friends have been fortunate to have dedicated, capable leadership for this last year. Thank you to all of last year’s officers for their time and efforts. Leila Hileman and Gengy Edwards shared the 1st Vice President position which is responsible for the programs. Jill Farnik has been the Treasurer for the last two years. The other three officers are continuing from last year.

The next Tahlequah Friends of the Library meeting will be on June 7th. Anyone interested in becoming an active Friends member (That means you will help plan and carry out the activities) is invited to attend. New members are always welcome! The meeting will be held in Room B of the Tahlequah Public Library at 4 p.m.

If your address label has "2001" at the top, you have paid your dues for the current year. Thank you for your support!


Grades 1 - 3

1st Place:      Dakota Enlow                  Cherokee Elem.
2nd Place:     Haley Elizabeth Woods    Ft. Gibson
3rd Place:     Rya Taylor                       Peggs Sch.
H.M. :          Jessilyn Larsen                 Greenwood Elem.
H.M.:           Rachel Points                   Peggs School

Grades 4 - 6

1st Place:      Molly Turner           Greenwood Elem.
2nd Place:     Ryan Metzger          Sequoyah Elem.
3rd Place:     Brooke Delaney       Keys School
H.M.:           Skylar Terrapin         Sequoyah Elem.
H.M.:           Chandler Welch        Sequoyah Elem.

Grades 7 - 9

1st Place:      Molly Gilmore         Tahlequah Jr. Hi.
2nd Place:     Betty Ann Eden       Keys Jr. High
3rd Place:     Candace Bell           Keys Jr. High

Grades 10 - 12

H.M.:            Cody Dunlap          Markoma Bible Acad.


1st Place:      Peggy Jo Hall           Tahlequah
2nd Place:     Jon R. Mercell          Cookson
3rd Place:     Jon R. Mercell          Cookson
H.M.:           Austin Parkhurst       Tahlequah


Grades 1 - 3

1st Place:      Aubrey Larsen               Greenwood Elem.
2nd Place:     Kirby Elizabeth Parnell   Cherokee Elem.
3rd Place:     Willy Righthouse             Home School
H.M.:           Keely A. Kerns               Peggs School
H.M.:           Jeffery A. Frazier             Peggs School

Grades 4 - 6

1st Place:      Kortni Cox               Keys School
2nd Place:     Kelli Gross               Keys School
3rd Place:     Sam Eden                 Keys School
H.M.:           Kassandra Elliott       Keys School
H.M.:           Codey Patton            Sequoyah Elem.

Grades 7 - 9

1st Place:      Krystina Palmer         Keys Jr. High
2nd Place:     Allison Righthouse     Home School
3rd Place:     Betty Ann Eden         Keys Jr. High

Grades 10 - 12

1st Place:      Jesicah Gilmore         Tahlequah High


1st Place:      Peggy Jo Hall           Tahlequah
2nd Place:     Tery DeShong         Tahlequah
3rd Place:     Doris I. Matlock      Tahlequah
H.M.:           Glenda Jo Balint       Park Hill
H.M.:           Jon R. Mercell          Cookson

Summer Reading Program

The Summer Reading Program will be in full swing from June 2nd to July 13th. This year’s theme is "2001 - A Space Odyssey." The following events will be held:

     June 2 - 10 a.m. - Sign-Up Party

Mondays - 10 a.m. & 1 p.m - Special Programs

June 4 -   Musician -     Monty Harper
June 11 - Storyteller -   Fran Stallings
June 18 - Magician -     Russell Turner
June 25 - Storyteller -   David Titus
July 2 -    Artist -           Glenna McBride
July 9 -    Storyteller -   Will Hill

Wednesdays - 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. -
                 Drop-In Craft Sessions and Activities

July 13 -          6 p.m. - Supper and Awards

Spring Craft Fair

The Literacy Council will be holding a Spring Crafts Fair at the library on May 26 from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Booths will be available in the Carnegie Building, outside on the lawn, and in Rooms A & B for a fee. To reserve a booth, call Carole Johnson - 456-3653 or Nellie Whatley - 457-3116. This fund raiser will collect money that will be designated for the restoration of the Carnegie Building.

Library Website

You can find out more about the Tahlequah Public Library and the Tahlequah Friends of the Library on the library's website:



If you haven't listened to the library's "Dial-A-Story, you are missing a treat! Call 456-9633 at any time - 24 hours a day - and enjoy a three-minute story. The stories are changed every Friday. Story lovers of all ages will enjoy this special service.

Peggy Kaney Receives Scholarship

The Tahlequah Public Library’s Children’s Coordinator, Peggy Kaney, recently was awarded a $250 Lillian Born Norberg Support Staff Scholarship from FOLIO (Friends Of Libraries In Oklahoma). Peggy is pursuing a Masters degree in Library and Information Science at the University of Oklahoma. FOLIO is the statewide Friends of the Library organization which promotes and supports Oklahoma libraries by helping local friends organizations. Harlene Wills and Irene Wickham of Tahlequah serve on the FOLIO Board of Directors.

Tahlequah Friends of the Library
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Tahlequah, OK 74464